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    Horizon applying to SA


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    Horizon applying to SA Empty Horizon applying to SA

    Post  Horizonx on Sat 8 Mar 2014 - 13:36

    Hey guys, it's Fabian ak Horizon here. I was used to take the nick Ashyx for long time but i decided to switch it due to irl reasons. If you see some other ashyx around, it's probably the little brother of my Ex girlfriend who decided to steal my nick which brought me already some trouble in CoD.
    Im 20 years old, born on 14th of octobre 1993 and I'm from Germany. Of course i got no problems talkin English fluently and i can speak some French aswell, even if not that good. It's enough to have some smalltalk tho :). Surely i got a working microphone and my TS is on latest version.
    The gametypes I play are mostly DM 1on1, TAM and TDM. I spend most of my freetime in meeting with friends, hanging around or play UT and some League of Legends aswell. I stopped CoD cuz it's just a boring game affraid I'm pretty newschool in UT. I started it in late 2009 i guess, playing some 1on1 DM's and TAM, joined TDM pretty late in 2012 or sth.

    Clans i played for so far:
    - {Dr.} in TAM division 2. I left after the clan broke up because thresh'r removed us from joining div 1 and replaced us to div 2. After this the clan broke up.
    - p1Mp in TDM. I wasnt able to play ut for like 6 months and when i came back sheano told me that p1Mp wouldnt exist anymore.
    - LTD in TAM. Winning CB wintercup 2013. tbh i wasnt able to play the semifinals or finals because i was in vacancies with my ex.
    - uNr... Well idk in which Gametypes i really played for them cuz i got invited when the clan was already gone. In 2 years of playing for them i just met smolz 1 time which was yesterday. So far I'm like the lone soldier of uNr.

    Why do i want to join SA? Well I admit i really like the spirit of the team because even if there are just a few members left, you still see yourselves as a team. And it seems as you're all having fun doing this. Further I'm sick off droppin out of teams or clans because they decide to stop playing UT and the leaders throwing the clans away. This doesnt really give me the feeling of a "team". I wanna be part of a team which i can belong to and that doesnt break up just cuz sth bad happens or there are not that much members left. Also i dont think that UT is dead and I'm lookin for a team that shares that oppinion and shows still up in the community. And after some lookin through your forum i found this post somewhere:
    "And you know we are a real team, we're almost like a family.
    The reason SOA exist for over six years is not because of activity, but because
    of friendship. Most of us wouldn't probably play this game if it was not for the members within SOA.

    So you understand we do just look for skill but we find attitude, loyalty and respect more important.
    That is the secret of our existence."
    This was really impressive to me. I do hate arrogance or ppl that are arrogant so much. I like ppl that behave patiently, respectful and friendly towards each others, especially in a team. As i said, i really like the spirit of you guys, holding together as a team or even more, like a "family". Thats sth i missed so far in my ut2k4 "career" :(.

    You can feel free to challenge me to decide if my skill is high enough :)Though imma put some screenshots here so you can get a first impression of my gamestyle / skilllevel. Btw i know, screens doesnt show that much tbh, it's just to get a very first view.

    Okay, gotta wait 7 days until im able to post screens :/

    I hope you'll answer soon and tell me about your decision :)
    Greetz ;)

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    Horizon applying to SA Empty Re: Horizon applying to SA

    Post  SAmiNo on Wed 12 Mar 2014 - 2:27

    ty for reading everything and answering rlly clearly. well, all i had to say to u i said it ingame, from now on, since i see that u took the time to read and to post a nice comment here, i'll take time and see u more ingame and check out what u are able to do and who u are.. as i said, be patient man, team is not active, so, dont expect to get answers in few days, but since there are no cups incoming for now, i think u can wait and be patient, we still can play together here and there when we are online ;) just add our tag to ur buddy list, it shudnt be that hard to find me at all, cya soon ingame man, kiss

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    Horizon applying to SA Empty Re: Horizon applying to SA

    Post  SAxOunz on Fri 9 May 2014 - 3:03

    Hi, sorry to answer just now, such a long time i didn't connect to the forum .
    as mino said the team is really inactive, only mino and i are still ''active''. And when i say active you know what i mean we just show up once everyweek that's all. As there is no more cup and we're both quiet busy we don't play a lot but when there will be a cup and that minoob decide to play a little more instead of creating new teeth i would enjoy to play few games with you and we'll speak about yout request :).

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    Horizon applying to SA Empty Re: Horizon applying to SA

    Post  SAAmakhiS on Thu 22 May 2014 - 1:35

    Damn sad to read about inactivity of such a nice clan ;)
    I can't pronounce about this joinning request nut I just wanted to say a big up to miNo and xounzy the survivors!

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    Horizon applying to SA Empty Re: Horizon applying to SA

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