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    ClanBase cup: UT2003 3v3 iCTF


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    ClanBase cup: UT2003 3v3 iCTF Empty ClanBase cup: UT2003 3v3 iCTF

    Post  ShX on Fri 25 Feb 2011 - 13:54


    I am proud to say, that UT2003 gonna have again a cup via ClanBase. Now KYo, Iscariot and me gonna care about it a bit more, than KYo cared about last cup and I hope it won't fail much.
    You can sign up until 31st of March, so there is month to sign up. Still, if more teams will add, cup would look a bit more interesting to other people.
    So I would ask you - what do you think about adding SoA into this cup? I know that it isn't really your gamemode, but still it is your old game.
    And little information which will make you maybe happy a little bit - after that iCTF cup, we gonna organisate TDM cup. Hope you will be with us in these 2 cups.

    Here you have link for this cup - any discussion from organisating side will be published there.


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    ClanBase cup: UT2003 3v3 iCTF Empty Re: ClanBase cup: UT2003 3v3 iCTF

    Post  SAmiNo on Fri 25 Feb 2011 - 18:21

    ty for adverting us, not sure i m gonna reinstall ut2003 since i m not active enough, but its a nice thing, hope u boys will get much fun in that, kissssss

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