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    LuniQz :P


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    Post  LuniQz on Wed 8 Oct 2008 - 18:51

    hi all , how ya doing ? :)

    - Your nickname in game : LuniQz`
    - Your age : 20
    - Your nationality swiss spanish
    - Gametypes you play TDM TAM a little 1v1
    - Names of clans you had before and the reason why you left them
    - The reason why you want to join us : ex team ifearut exe n31 ST2 .. i want to join Soa for progress my skill and my teamplay . i have "good" contact with amakhis and he is very cool boy :P ) but i have stop UT for reason "privat" and now its good im back :) and i want play with good player and boy very cool :)

    - Your MSN or email address :

    x fire flqke2k4

    :) see you later all :P

    KISS :P mouaha :D lol

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    Post  SASr_K on Thu 9 Oct 2008 - 12:43

    LuniQz i have seen you play once.
    So i'm not gonna judge now.

    Play more with us and we will tell our opinion.

    grtz sar

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    Post  SAmiNo on Thu 9 Oct 2008 - 21:11

    want to see u more in game, just saw u once, but was not good, at second my i ll giv my opinion

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