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    HeroGame: New Game mod in test is so tasty!


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    HeroGame: New Game mod in test is so tasty!

    Post  »SøA«AmakhiS on Tue 4 Oct 2011 - 3:47


    It's a kind of TDM: 100 and Amp Timing wich only can be taken by the Hero of the Team.
    The hero is full of life and guns (about infinite guns and 5000healt)
    A new strategic position has been created: refill life of you team hero by linking him with a special gun (bind on the redeemer key)
    If the hero dies you lose the game.
    After 10 minutes if both heroes are still alive, highest kills counts of the team win the match.

    taste it there:

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    Re: HeroGame: New Game mod in test is so tasty!

    Post  »SøA«miNo on Tue 4 Oct 2011 - 15:17

    already played it, few months ago, it can be funny, but, as for trials ctf, ons and those stuff i get bored after a little while, and i dont think this can really help me to improve my dm/tdm skill, so i just drop it fast :) ty for link ama :*

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