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    TDM 2v2 Pickup Rules


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    TDM 2v2 Pickup Rules Empty TDM 2v2 Pickup Rules

    Post  »SøA«AmakhiS on Mon 3 Jan 2011 - 15:56

    Pickup Rules

    =================== Rules ===================

    To avoid ban admin decisions just follow the basic rules from the Unreal Community:

    1) !add Only if you’ve got enough time (5min to connect and Ready up 20min) to play a game

    If you have added and cannot play anymore the pickup you were supposed to play:
    2) !remove is necessary if you can’t play a game anymore

    3) When Pickup is ready:
    - Join the server
    - In case you forgot to !remove before this game YOU HAVE TO FIND SOMEONE to replace and announce it on #tdm2v2 channel

    4) Play cleaver:
    -no abuses, it's a game
    -balanced teams skill
    -Don't leave the game before it's end! Rage quitting won't be tolerated at all. This attitude destroy the game for the other players.
    -use the same Nickname ingame and on #tdm2v2 channel
    -don't steal a player spot, unless this player is not showing up after 5 minutes following the Pickup is ready message

    5) At the moment, only 1 server is available to play. It means a problem could appear if pickup (t) is ready, and that a new pickup (t+1) is filled quite fast: players from pickup (t+1) will have too wait before joining the server. In this case you'll have to wait the end of the first match then !add up again == The pickup (t+1) is cancelled.

    ============= How to use the Pickup =============
    Here are the commands Players can use under #tdm2v2 :
    !help (will prompt all the commands tou can use with the pickup)
    !add (will add your Name to play the next pickup)
    !remove (will remove your Name to play the next pickup) You have to use it if you don't want to play anymore
    !promote (To call other players idleing the channel to play the next Pickup) Please don't abuse of it
    !lastgame (show the details about the last Pickup played)
    !top10 (show the list of the 50 player who have played the more Pickup games on #tdm2v2)
    !ts (show the Teamspeak server linked to the pickup #tdm2v2) (Teamspeak server not up at the moment)
    !irc (show the link to the IRC reporter channel of our gameserver)

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