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    Read this before applying


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    Read this before applying Empty Read this before applying

    Post  SACentur1n on Mon 26 Mar 2007 - 16:04

    Here are some things you have to know before applying for our clan :

    - We don't allow multiclaning because we want people 100% concerned by our clan. Make sure you left your previous clan before applying for us. However we don't encourage you to leave your clan, it's your own decision.
    - As we are an European clan, you must be able to talk english correctly
    - You must get a full version of UT2004 and a micro for TeamSpeak
    - We are looking for players motivated, active and loyal. We expect every recruit to stay long time with us.
    - If you are using "Cheats" >> go away as fast as possible!
    - At the moment we are looking for skilled TDM players (not TAM anymore)

    If you completed these conditions, start a new topic and fill the information we need to know :

    - Your nickname in game
    - Your age
    - Your nationality
    - Gametypes you play
    - Names of clans you had before and the reason why you left them
    - The reason why you want to join us
    - Your MSN or email address

    We might challenge and spectate you in game to see the way you play and the way you act. Each decision is collective and we will try to give you the answer as soon as possible.

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