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    Big problem!


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    Big problem! Empty Big problem!

    Post  FoU_Barbre on Sun 17 Sep 2006 - 20:05

    so , i told you that i think i gonna re play to ut2004.....
    but very big problems! hard to explain in my poor english !
    several things! ...
    somtimes , i can't have the list of servers..... the case "internet" is in grey ...
    sometimes, when i'm enterring a server..... i can't play ! "push fire to play" ..... but it doesn't work ! and if it work very big lag! ....
    at the same time msn have some problems : connect , disconnect , re connect ! etc....
    and also XFire ! ...... which can't connect!
    i haven't got a "router" , juste the freebox!
    and no firewall....
    so help me please !
    ohhhhh when i was playing a lot .... 2 years ago ! i haven't any problem!
    so , can't understand !
    for more detail , contact me ! thx all

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    Post  SACentur1n on Sun 17 Sep 2006 - 20:23

    "Free" is a big problem.
    I always have packet loss and my MSN and IRC also disconnect when i'm playing online.
    I should have 8Mbits/s but everytime i test my connexion i got about 2Mbits/s.
    They suck and I think i will change my ISP.

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    Big problem! Empty Re: Big problem!

    Post  hop on Mon 18 Sep 2006 - 13:01

    the same for me ^^ but i have too a bad computer ! ^^

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    Big problem! Empty Re: Big problem!

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